Here are my offerings

As a scanner person and a seeker I went from graphic design to copywriting, from concept building to edesign thinking, systemic thinking and djing. So here's a selection of my favourites.

Idea Generation

As a topic wizards I love recombining and to connect topics to unravel hidden potential. Feed me with data, let's brainstorm the right questions and then start an orchestrated process of idea development and evaluation. Can you connect the dots and still question the unquestionable?

Format Development

I genuinely love workshops, processes, rituals and journeys. Especially large group moderation; online & offline. I did more than 100 sessions altogether in the last years, at corporations, on cruises, festivals, conferences, from 3 people and big ones with 400 people. Can you feel the energy?

Leadership Coaching

I work in at the reminder business. So I regularly have to remind myself what leading means to me. Particular times need particular strenghts and prefered ones are emotion, clarity and vision. I see leading as a service to group, I share aims with. For better communication, better coopearation and of course emerging frm there better narration.

Analytical Consulting

My thought engine, a strong intuition and tactical straightness equip me to challenge your ideas & strategies. As a hands-on fan, I prefer to develop and test our interventions. Wouldn't you prefer a precise interplay between theory and practice, either?

Design Thinking

The innovation methodology is one of my favourite ones. It catches me with a holistic character, scientific depth, use of empathy, inclusive attitude, a vast menu of sub-methods and the fail-early-and-often approach and playful execution of its particular steps.

Public Speaking

People say I have a knack with words. That's why I maybe didn't choose to become an engineer. As beforementioned, I am convinced communication skills are crucial before anything else and they enrich both imagination and its realization. Thriving for relevance.

After working many years as a graphic designer & copywriter up from 2004. Then I studied society & business communications at the university of art Berlin. I wrote a thesis about conceptual metaphors in online dating, studied Design Thinking at HPI Potsdam, did a course in sexual therapy & relationship dynamics as well as in systemic thinking to connect the dots from a better perspective. Giving meaning to action. It all starts with a word:

What do creativity, team spirit and successful relationships have in common?

Having worked as a designer and wordsmith, I focused on conveying knowledge and impulses as a large group coach, moderator and speaker. I enjoyed working with festivals, SME, corporates, NGO and on cruises of a different kind. In the end, it was all about one thing: opening spaces where communication really can take place, not just words. It is about creating by unfolding the unseen. To let in the new and the shunned. That is what I stand for. I offer a particular range of workshop formats about human relating, communication, creativity, innovation, especially design thinking, primarily for organisations, preferably with a focus on sustainability or a at least a curiosity towards it. Our planet got sick of us. Let'em heal.

The richer the experience, the deeper is the learning...

The best learning happens through experience. Thats why I experienced with many approaches to find my very personal way to reach my goals.

What people say about working with me

Göran was a coach for several Business Design / Design Thinking projects, and for me the stakes are always high and full of empathy for the participants, and I would be able to use Göran again at any time very recommended. Dr. Jochen Ditsche, Partner, Roland Berger

I was amazed by Görans ability to hold space for deep emotional topics in a workshop setting. I attended his deep connection workshop and was impressed by how powerful it was. Göran makes the participants feel comfortable and allows them to be vulnerable. One exercise made me really emotional and was an eye-opener about some childhood programming even though I have done a lot of personal development before. Thank you Göran and keep spreading your light. Alexandra Zuber, LifeCoach,

How to speak, when the brain just grasps images & the heart only feelings?

Some people say I have a special gift of accumulating a vast amount of knowledge and process it to digestible nuggets in a playful manner, so everyone can understand it. The first speech I gave out of an emergency. The last one out of a calling. I benefit vastly from my teachers, failings and audience. My favourite topics: the future of organisation culture, human relating & bonding, sexuality and how to achieve creativity, better communication & and precise language.

Clients & Synergies

AboutYouPangea Festival | ADAC | Austrian Airlines AG | BMW (für HAYS) | Business Design People | Creation Center Deutsche Telekom |  Consors Bank | DEVK | Deutsche Telekom AG Daimler AG | Friedrich Naumann Foundation | Garbicz Festival | HPI School for Design Thinking | Deutsche Lufthansa AG | Berlin School for Digital Business | Opel Vauxhall | PIDAS AG | | Roland Berger | Swisscom AG | Stadtreinigung Hamburg | Strichpunkt | Viessmann | Wilde Möhre Festival

How to dance like a fool
& feel good about it?

Ever heard of ecstatic dance? Influential voices claim that Ecstatic Dance is the new yoga. Why? Because it has the potential to make you dance like an idiot and feel good about it: Ecstatic Dance is about to let go, to melt into the music and express what a long day didn't give you the chance to. Its three primary rules: no drugs, no talking (on the dance floor) and dancing barefoot! I feel honoured to already have played in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brazil, at european festivals and in digital nomad events.