I am many: Design Thinker. Facilitator. Coach + Consultant. Communication Scientist. Speaker. DJ. Traveller.

I love moving people: physically, mentally and, above all: emotionally. As an adventurer in thinking, connecting and creating, as a systemic organizational developer, coach, consultant, speaker and DJ, I help people and organizations to create communicative space in order to communicate, collaborate, learn and dance better.*


* You'll meet me passionately working, where people have to connect with other people, topics, purpose and meaning. The resulting work success for me is a matter of connections, ingredients, dosage, timing and: intention. Through the eyes of my professions as a graphic designer, copywriter, journalist, communication & systemic consultant, design thinking coach and DJ I could explore thousands of people, ways of working, living and thinking. But also as a human, a traveler, Aikidoka and passionate reader. All just a dust of grain in a manyfold universe.

What I can do for you:

Its impossible that it's impossible once you can imagine it. With a Design Thinkers mindset, I strive for a solutions after thorough observation. Every iceberg you see is just the tip of something bigger.

Coaching, Consulting & Training

You aim to boost new leadership, new work culture, better communication or the next wave of innovation, transoformation for humans in the digital age? As a innovation and systemic coach and consultant I love to challenge this complexity and orchestrate a doable plan. 1on1 and and for groups.

Better Narratives

Our (organisations) life is based upon the story we create to tell ourselves and our audiences – perception filters called narratives. This means: we consciously design this story. Before the telling, there comes the listening and clear evidences arise, that organisation who listen better to their stories will create better and future proof ones.

Public Speaking & New Perspectives

You feel your staff in hibernation, hesitation or resignation? Give them a chance to new perspectives. Often dense workloads hinder people to rest and let new topics arise. I will bring a fresh breeze of perspective, rethinking and humor, to tickle them to thing and act differently.

Problems that I was already allowed to and could solve: Improve communication skills | establish vertical communication in the organization | make communicative weaknesses visible and eliminate them | uncover narratives that hinder productivity | design apps | increase productivity capacities | build agile movements, self-study groups | standardize diffuse terminology | reduce corporate anxiety | create dialogue spaces | reconcile disputed team structures | generate hardcore ideas | increase methodological competence | build self-confidence | teambuilding, Team KickOff, Goal & Annual Planning | Communication Training | Rhetoric Training | Presentation Training | Design Thinking Empowerment & Adaptation | Training on Complexity Management & a more holistic way of thinking | Agile Training | Agile HR Training | Edutainment Formats on Relationship & Sexuality | Connection Workshops | Workshop Conception | Moderation | Facilitation | Vision Development | [...]

Innovation through communication, communication through scope

Since 2010 enjoyed working on ameliorating communication & innovation for corporates, SME, NGO and cultural institutions. The key was again and again the following: diminishing the limitations (mental, structural, cultural), setting guidance (e.g. psychological safety) & opening space (again: mental, but also due to clarity, compliance and confidence) so that communication & connection can take place and work together. Creativity, excellent ideas, and productivity will follow naturally.

In particular, I love to support organisations that want to make a big difference, that regard creation, life, the planet and humans itself as a significant gift that is worth to be sustained and to fight for. I pursue this with my company, THE INSPIRACY GROUP.

Are you a great listener or a great speaker? Or both at once?

Listening to yourself and your audience for me is a sincere foundation. One I had hard to learn. For me personally speaking is a way to touch yet to move people on the one hand, on the other it allows me to re-process my thoughts. People say I have a gift of accumulating knowledge. And that I can process it in a unique yet understandable manner. I love thought experiments, humour and a pinch of irony sometimes. My favourite topics are (corporate) communication, the future of organisation culture, human relating & bonding and creativity.

What DJing taught me about working with people

It's a hobby. And a teacher. It showed me basically three things I can use a lot in my professional life: First, it's important to have a plan, but it's often more important not to stick to it and stay adaptable. Second, It showed me that my best decisions arise from observation, not mere thinking. Third: A right setting and the right preparation is half the battle. I already played in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Brazil, at European festivals and at digital nomad events and I won't stop.

Basically, even in organisations, I work for people.

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What people say about working with me

Göran was a coach for several Business Design / Design Thinking projects, and for me the stakes are always high and full of empathy for the participants, and I would be able to use Göran again at any time very recommended. | Dr. Jochen Ditsche, Partner, Roland Berger

I was amazed by Görans ability to hold space for deep emotional topics in a workshop setting. I attended his deep connection workshop and was impressed by how powerful it was. Göran makes the participants feel comfortable and allows them to be vulnerable. One exercise made me really emotional and was an eye-opener about some childhood programming even though I have done a lot of personal development before. Thank you Göran and keep spreading your light. Alexandra Zuber, LifeCoach, alexandrazuber.de